Michel Francois

Tine Guns

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Back to Belgium :-)

Michel Francois is a multimedia artist who works with sculptures, video, installations and photography. It’s his photography where I shall shed a light on today.

Even in his photography Francois is very sculptural. Either in his framing (like the very interesting movement-series ) or in the way he uses them in the exhibition space like the way he presents his posters.

His posters

Since 1994, for each new exhibition, a large-scale poster was created by the artist from one his photographs. Quite often vistors could take this posters with them and leave the exhibition with the work. An interesting statement on the permanence of art



It’s the artist’s conviction that the meanings of a work of art are determined through its combination with others in relation to an exhibition space



I first discovered his work when I visited his expo ‘ La Plante en Nous’. Since then I treasure the accompagning exhibition catalogue/photobook

In his exhibition “La Plante and nous” he searches for the plant growing in all of us. The exhibition book takes you on a summer trip.  I can smell the warm scent of summer freedom. Even the busy businessman is photographed as a real Gospel Singer. With arms wide open and his eyes upwards (including sunglasses)  Enjoying the sun, diving into a lake, the cat and mouse game around the sprinkler in the garden, burying grandma on the beach, the crafting of a mask, blowing a dandelion flower, a structure of branches, bread crumbs for birds or just a giant cactus … But also the fiery deep human feelings that arise when there’s a silence during a revolt. It is these moments of everyday banality or rather mundane that Michel François captures, masters and sculpts

In our modern world of structures and rational logic he selects these fragments to grow as individuals. All categories in which he is interested (like nature, art, music, flora and fauna, science, …) overlap at that point of everyday greatness. His work consists of photographs, videos, films, sculptures, installations, sound, natural materials such as water, plants, flowers, trees, clay, but also soap or paper (etc …)