Geert Goiris

Julie van der Vaart

I am very happy to show you a few of my favorite images of the series “Prophet” by Geert Goiris. The work can be found in the form of a great photobook with a sequence of 49 photographs, of which the larger part was taken in Norway and North America in 2014 and 2015. The series was compiled in analogy with a large slide projection integrated in the exhibition Geert Goiris – Flashbulb Memories, Ash Grey Prophesies at Foam, Amsterdam.
Geert Goiris’ smart new photobook provides all the clues to an elusive and mysterious story without actually giving us the central narrative – it is an indirect, often simmeringly scary tale, its individual photographs piling up into a larger mood of uncertainty. His dark, atmospheric pictures dance around an unspoken and unseen menace, and like the best of suspenseful horror literature, his story leaves the monster itself to our imagination. Like his subjects, we wander in the silent darkness with only a paltry flashlight, unsure of what might come next and somehow knowing it can’t be good. – Loring Knoblauch
View the whole series here