Peter Waterschoot

Julie van der Vaart

As you might know, Peter is one of the founders of this blog. As I always wonder about the face behind magazines or blogs it seemed nice to show you guys one of the people behind Democratic Jungle.

“Photography, as an art-form that is, was a late vocation. I graduated 2009, being 39. From that moment on, my personal oeuvre is slowly but steadily evolving. I consider myself as a photographical ‘author’. I like the idea that my photography somehow has a literary approach. My recent work can be classified as ‘Neon Poetry’. It’s a twisted dandy pose and it’s location hunting. I am bending kitsch into aesthetics and flirt with it.
I revel on romantic and solitary roaming in the nighttime, working on the verge between a noire fantasy and realism. Most of the locations in the images have disappeared in the meantime; In Europe, the sledge hammer rules. Nevertheless there is no time or space reference in my images. The clock has been made to stand still. I am mainly looking for a ‘Zwischenwelt’ – in which nothing much is happening.
Most of the locations I have stayed a few days, so there’s at times somehow a bit of performance in it as well. My personal story of a quest for retreat, solitude, distance from the world, a certain escapism and alienation have gotten interwoven with the oeuvre.”

At this moment Peter is working on a book-dummy which should be launched by 2016.

You can see some of Peter’s works until the end of August in the groupshow “Dog Day Cabinet” (of which Peter was also guest curator) in C41 exposure, Antwerp.

The images here are from the series Abendland (2011-2012), to see more click here.
Also check out his latest work here.