Thomas Vandenberghe

Julie van der Vaart

I first met Thomas two years ago in Bruges where we both were exhibiting in the same group show and I immediately fell in love with his work. I think the fact that we both draw our inspiration from our intimate world has a lot to do with it.

“I have always been attracted to the so-called ‘snapshot’ photography, because it records everyday life, but it is a very personal form of photography. By working at a 1hour photo service I discovered the value of this personal form of diaristic photography. An image is often produced to support the act of remembering. Images become significant; they are a material trace of the past preserved for ‘posterity’. Regardless of the subject matter, the image is often a precious trace of a loved one, a cherished moment…. I started to capture the moments that symbolised my dark periods, quests, pitfalls, all those times I ran away.”

Thomas recently had an exhibition together with Johan Gustavsson at Tique art space in Antwerp and will take part in the group exhibition “A Lover’s Discord” at KONTORprojects in Copenhagen, opening August 14th!

The images here are from his series “Insanity”, view the whole series here

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